Nothing is so fatiguing as the eternal hanging on of an uncompleted task. ~William James

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Tweets as Cultural Inkblots

An intriguing instance of circularity--Use of Twitter (and other social media) is often cited as an occasion of procrastinating.  And what are we tweeting about, while thus procrastinating?  Procrastinating, of course!

For about five seconds on a recent morning, these were the top 84 tweets including the word "procrastinating."  What does this tell us?


Procrastinating: the more effort you put into it, the less likely you'll succeed at it.

Finally got my glasses fixed. After procrastinating for hella long. I can finally see the world in a new light. *angels start to harmonize* 

Procrastinating to get outside.

Lord, please empower me with the strength to overcome my procrastinating ways, and help me ... 

Are we the only ones getting bored of Ryan Reynolds' constant procrastinating over the Deadpool movie? 

Retweet if you're procrastinating again.

When you spend your workday procrastinating or refusing to delegate low-priority tasks, you are losing money

Lord, please empower me with the strength to overcome my procrastinating ways, and (cont)

Ready or not, here it comes.Facebook Timeline is on the horizon <Easy to do! Stop procrastinating

Lord, please empower me with the strength to overcome my procrastinating ways, and help me recognize the path you've laid before me. Amen!

Signing Day live chat. Talking , recruits, Darius Hamilton, college FB, pizza, coffee, and procrastinating

Still feeling a bit coldy but procrastinating on the interweb all morning has cheered me up and kept me in bed which is probably a good idea

My procrastination has hit new levels. I am now procrastinating by researching ways to prevent oneself from procrastinating. *facepalm*

Nothing is so fatiguing as the eternal hanging on of an unfinished task. - William James. Eat your frog!!

Been procrastinating for the past 28 minutes on whether to get out of bed .. ( again )

Today is the Tomorrow you said you will get started, stop procrastinating!!

curse this procrastinating nature of mine -___-

I'm procrastinating to the fullest right now.

I need to stop procrastinating on everything.

I keep procrastinating on doing my homework ^___^

i've been procrastinating from making this side channel video for almost 3 weeks now. HELP ME. STAPLE ME TO THE CAMERA

i be procrastinating.

Time goes by fast when you're procrastinating.


iHoroscope_#scorpio It's a much more intelligent strategy to accomplish as much as you can early in the day, instead of procrastinating.

I'm a teenager, procrastinating is what I do best.

Waiting for the Muse: 4 Tips for Procrastinating Artists "

Its funny cause Im tired & I wanna get my hw done so I get sleep.. & I know how much I have to do... yet I still sit here, procrastinating.

Today was my first and last day procrastinating on an assignment for this semester. I'm staying on my sh.t from now on.

i need to stop procrastinating. Im so stressed out.

I need to stop procrastinating so much :/

Not having time to procrastinate because you are at dance all the time yet somehow still ending up procrastinating anyways..

Procrastinating doesn't get you any closer to success. Remind me not to forget that.

Heavily procrastinating.

I've been procrastinating from doing this homework =/

I am also cleaning/organizing which, as all the other writers knows, stands for 'procrastinating about the writing'.

I'm not very good at many things, but I am excellent at procrastinating. and eating lots of food. and being single.

Abby, you must stop procrastinating. DO YOUR PROJECT!!!!! And stop talking to yourself you weirdo. :(

I never go anywhere on a sunday. I spend the day on twitter,eating and procrastinating over homework.

I need to stop procrastinating ..

Virgo can get so caught up in worrying and being perfect that they end up procrastinating

"Procrastinating was truly what made his screenplays and novels great. It's a good thing he wasted time." -

Saturdays are chock full of procrastinating.

I need to hit the thrift store. And stop procrastinating!

Quit procrastinating & come pick up cheese 4 the big game next weekend. Coffee rubbed Barely Buzzed will keep your guests happy & lively!

Sitting at work, waiting for traffic to die down a bit before I head home to do some WORK. No procrastinating. No kidding myself. Work.

I have many talents. A few of them are: Procrastinating, fangirling, tweeting and sleeping.

Retweet if being punctual isn't your best quality! 9 tips to keep you on track and on time with ADHD:

Virgo can get so caught up in worrying and being perfect that they end up procrastinating

I finally found out what I'm really good at: PROCRASTINATING! I'm a genius!

I hate procrastinating, but I get my work done better when I'm under pressure.

Procrastinating > Actually doing the work.

need to learn music, can't get off twitter, need to learn music ...

Remember kids! It's never too late to begin procrastinating.

Procrastinating is my worst habit

I have got to stop procrastinating when it comes to writing papers!

I have to stop procrastinating!

no more stalling and procrastinating !

8. Stop procrastinating. Start taking action and making changes. Your life will be way more SIMPLE if you do things right & right NOW
I'm not procrastinating, I'm being lazy. There's a difference.

...clearly now procrastinating...ooh...kitty.

I'll stop my procrastinating as soon as I throw in some laundry, paint my nails three times in a row and doodle my name in different fonts.

Procrastinating about school work.

I've been wanting a few tattoos and keep procrastinating. February brings INK!

Sometimes moleskins can do more harm than good. I'm supposed to be writing but can't stop myself colouring in the squares

So are you thinking about filing taxes yet or procrastinating that till April?:)

I need to get my taxes out the way idk what I'm procrastinating for"

I really am procrastinating like I don't have to be to work in an hour

Speaking about procrastinating... - I got a 8.7/10 in Color, a color matching game by

why'll you procrastinating, someone got their gameplan already together ready to execute.

Must learn lines & stop procrastinating!It's ridiculous how even painting shelves becomes more appealing than cracking on with line learning

Happy Wednesday! Need permission to stop procrastinating? Here you go -

i requested this info weeks ago,these toddlers keep procrastinating, all i want to do is my JOB.

I don't like , because she led me to the Pioneer Woman's website and now I'm hungry and procrastinating.

It's never too late to get your life straight. As long as you're alive.... you have a chance. Stop procrastinating

Pick one thing that will be done by Friday – something that you have been procrastinating about - something that...


Are you experiencing writer’s block or just procrastinating?

I'm such a procrastinator sometimes I procrastinate whilst procrastinating.

Need structure in your life? Marni Freedman teaches Time Management/Stop Procrastinating. Feb 23 at The Ink Spot.

I'm totally procrastinating my life because of Tumblr - › [More laughs here]

~I look around me, and what do I see? Tired faces and stressed out hair And people procrastinating like me~

Too much time on my hands/procrastinating

What are you procrastinating with right now? contributes to energy drain.

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