Nothing is so fatiguing as the eternal hanging on of an uncompleted task. ~William James

Monday, March 7, 2011

Done for the Week: Life in the Midst of Change

This is the beginning of Week 4 of the movement in Wisconsin to resist implementation of the new conservative agenda; to turn back the effort to crush organized labor and dismantle the social safety net for our most vulnerable citizens.  Again, not much time for everyday matters.

Here's what I got accomplished, somehow.

Done for the Week:  Feb. 28-Mar. 6
  1. Continued off-season race training, continuing to be distracted by earth continuing to shift beneath my feet in Wisconsin; biked once, ran once (supplemented by lots of walking in demonstrations)
  2. Finished The Crowning Glory of Calla Lily Ponder, by Rebecca Wells
  3. Gave significant volunteer support to transitioning nonprofit; major I.T. contribution
  4. Worked my two part-time jobs
  5. Published 5 blog posts
  6. Meditated 4 times
  7. Got my husband and one son to the gym with me, once each
  8. Attended meeting of committee to hire new organizer, and convened subcommittee to finalize interview questions
  9. Met with UU Coming of Age mentee
  10. Had a lunch date with my husband
  11. Watched our 2 teams play 2 basketball games, with my son and my husband
  12. Attended 2 demonstrations, 1 locally, and 1 in Madison; two large local rallies; and one breakfast with Jesse Jackson
  13. Attended two yoga classes
  14. Spent way too much time online, following political uprising in my state, "working" Facebook, Twitter, and political sites, and updating my organization's website to reflect on-the-ground scheduling 
  15. Took one daytime nap, and got to bed "early" twice
Because we are going to be engaged in this project of democracy for the foreseeable future, I believe that the most important thing I did last week was to recognize my fatigue level, and to begin to address it with more rest

I did not do as well with my focus goal for the week, which was "to meditate daily, no matter what."  I continue to struggle with making time for meditation.  Applying last week's wisdom, I want to acknowledge my progress, however.  This week's number is one better than last week's.

Next week's focus goal--again--will be to meditate daily, no matter what. 

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