Nothing is so fatiguing as the eternal hanging on of an uncompleted task. ~William James

Friday, March 5, 2010

Music to Procrastinate By: A Soundtrack for Postponement

In recognition of the many creative ways some of us find to put things off, and the cool things we find to do while avoiding distasteful tasks, I present the following list of tunes about procrastination.  This is merely a sampling of songs I found which give testament to songwriters' familiarity with the subject.  Some celebrate procrastination, with or without tongue in cheek.  Some rue time-wasting, and others are accepting of the alternating rhythms of productivity and idleness.  

Ten Songs About Procrastinating
  1. Catching Up On Doing Nothing by Reagan Boggs
  2. Flowers on the Wall by The Statler Brothers
  3. Solitaire by Suzanne Vega
  4. Procrastination by Amy Winehouse
  5. Putting it Off and Putting it Off by The Lucksmiths
  6. Procrastination Rag by Nancy White
  7. Procrastinator by Jon Turk
  8. Procrastinatin' by Taryn Reneau
  9. Do it All Later by Kris Campbell
  10. Deadlines Looming by Amanda Monaco
I'm keeping this short today, since working through the superbug I contracted from a two-year-old is not working.  I'm putting myself to bed.  I plan to catch up on doing nothing,  count some flowers, put it off and put it off.  Do it all later.

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  1. Thanks for including "Deadlines Looming" in your list of songs about procrastinating! I also have a song called "Procrastination" on the same CD("Intention", Innova Recordings) where not only did I procrastinate in finishing it, but I took so long to get it done that I learned at the recording session that the musicians had two different versions of the music! Fortunately it still worked out.