Nothing is so fatiguing as the eternal hanging on of an uncompleted task. ~William James

Friday, March 19, 2010

Fun With Procrastination

Two weeks late (naturally) for National Procrastination Week (Mar. 1-7), here are some fun diversions, toys and tools for fellow procrastinators.
1.  The Task Juggler, By Dan Alcantara  

This is a gadget you can add to your iGoogle homepage, if you have one.  You list tasks that need to be done, and then activate the juggler.  This part electronic nag, part timer will present you with a randomly selected task to work on for ten minutes, then instruct you to take a two minute break before tackling another randomly selected task for ten minutes, etc.  I have this handy little item on my homepage, but find it all too easy to ignore as I cover it with active windows on my computer screen.  It needs an auditory signal to let the user know when to switch between tasks and breaks.  For those of us who are somewhat oppositional, it can be one more authority figure to resist.

365 Days of Procrastination Daily Planner 2010 Planner 
Here's the product description, which says it all:
The essential guide for both seasoned procrastinators and those still mastering the art of slacking off. Whether you're a seasoned procrastinator or still mastering the art of slacking off this daily planner pad is the ultimate tool for reducing efficiency. A complete waste of time in and of itself, it is guaranteed to help you accomplish the minimum amount of work in the maximum amount of time.
This page offers "online activities that have been designed specifically to waste as much of your valuable time as possible."

Check out the rest of this clever site if you still have time.

4. Wall Poster  

The site offering this somewhat depressing product allows you to change the wording and add your own image, in case you are reform-minded.  

5. T-shirt 

The headless model of this rumpled garment looks like a procrastinator to me!

6.  Procrastinator's Watch 

Though the image is a bit cartoonish, this is a real watch that you can order and wear, if your schedule is more approximate than precise.

More products like this are available from (where else?) the motto is "Procrastination . . . no longer a character flaw, but a lifestyle alternative. . ." 
7.  My You Tube Procrastination Playlist

Something I put together in my spare time.  And there's a lot more where these came from.

Have a great weekend, and try not to do too much.  We'll be back on the horse Monday-ish.

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