Nothing is so fatiguing as the eternal hanging on of an uncompleted task. ~William James

Monday, March 22, 2010

Done for the Week: Ch-ch-ch-changes

I have begun to question the wisdom of publishing this weekly done list.  My stats tell me these posts are not my "most popular."  And week to week, they are pretty repetitive.

On the plus side, the done list eases me into the blogging week. Making this regular accounting for all to see (whether anyone wants to see it or not) keeps me honest.  It tracks my progress, or lack thereof.  It reveals patterns.  And so, for now, I have decided to keep it going.  

It may be that my disinclination is related to the four-week siege of illness that I hope has almost ended.  As often happens in this all-too-real world, its energy drain and incapacity has coincided with a period I saw coming, when external commitments would eat into the time available to tackle my own projects. 

Here's my story, sad but true:

Done List--Week of Mar. 15 - Mar. 21

  1. Finished Death in Holy Orders, by P.D. James; halfway through several other books
  2. Took my blood pressure daily
  3. Survived two part-time jobs for another week
  4. Attended 1 meeting; scheduled 1 more
  5. Published 5 blog posts
  6. Meditated 2 times
  7. Spent 37 hours caring for two-year-old, and enjoyed almost all of it
  8. Spent 3-1/2 hours in college interview with son, and completed admissions application
  9. Finally recovered 90% from virus-from-hell (4 weeks and counting!)
  10. Refrained from 5K training--regretfully but therapeutically--while retaining the ghost of my self-image as a runner
  11. Resumed walking
  12. Put in many volunteer hours on fundraising project for nonprofit organization; committed to more
  13. Disciplined myself to get extra rest for second weekend in a row; asked for and accepted extra help from family members; put in couch time with my underexercised dog
Some lessons are being learned in all of this.  I'm not sure yet what they are.  But I do know that getting up to do this blog--even when, as twice last week, I have to set my alarm for 5 a.m. (and this during the first week of daylight savings time!) to accommodate other scheduled responsibilities--is changing how I operate.  And that is changing how I see myself.  

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