Nothing is so fatiguing as the eternal hanging on of an uncompleted task. ~William James

Friday, January 29, 2010

You Might be a Procrastinator if…

The list below may be a bit too wordy for a t-shirt, but is intended to provide the kind of small chuckle that could just keep us sane--more or less.

You Might be a Procrastinator if…

  1. Your mirror is littered with urgent to-do (but still undone) post-its from more than 5 years ago.
  2. You still have maternity clothes in your closet, and your youngest is a teenager.
  3. Your bills are in arrears, despite (sort of) having the money to pay them.
  4. The person you were going to send a sympathy card to “right away” is now dead her/himself.
  5. Library overdue fines are a standard part of your budget.
  6. A household improvement you began 10 years ago remains unfinished.
  7. You put off buying tickets for a planned trip and now have to fly standby.
  8. You routinely mail presents six or more months after the event.
  9. Your mending pile is full of items that no longer fit anyone in your house.
  10. You are blogging about procrastination.
  11. Six or seven stalled-out major work projects lie in wait on your desk.
  12. You just can't make yourself "act now," even though "operators are standing by."
  13. Way too many of your ships have sailed without you.

Not the definitive list but hey, it’s Friday, and I’ve worked hard all week.  I’m going off to play.  Just have to get dressed (it’s only 11:00), make my way around the piles of bills, unmailed sympathy cards, and deserted ship docks, and find the door.

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