Nothing is so fatiguing as the eternal hanging on of an uncompleted task. ~William James

Monday, January 25, 2010

Done for the Week: Not Nothing

Well, it's Monday again, and time for my weekly accounting.  I can, of course, list only some of the things I got done last week, so I had to be selective.  Rest assured, however, that "found cure for cancer" would have made the list, had I done so.  What follows, then, are largely things that I have either been putting off for some time, or that I would have put off in a not-so-distant past.
  1. Completed Week 3 of Couch Potato to 5K training
  2. Finished Clea Simon's Fatherless Daughters; J. A. Jance's Lying in Wait;
  3. Walked my grateful dog daily (except for Friday, which got away from us)
  4. Took my blood pressure daily
  5. Got it together to send Haiti relief contribution
  6. Mailed last Christmas gift
  7. (Mostly) stuck to meal plan for week
  8. Got 5 floors cleaned, with family's help (though my "grateful dog" just barfed on two of them while I was writing this!)
  9. Finally signed up for poetry marathon late enough to be 9th on waiting list
  10. Straightened out checking account (no small feat, with mountains of debit-generated receipts clogging my purse, not to mention way too many intra-family transfers)
  11. Laundered and changed sheets
  12. Avoided library fines, while juggling dozens of checked out items and several holds
  13. Attended two meetings, set up several more, went to one on the wrong day
  14. Heard sermon on "Should Unitarian Universalists Pray?"
  15. Succeeded in getting two-year-old to nap
  16. Returned flawed and unneeded items to stores for refunds
  17. Off-loaded carful of stuff to Goodwill
  18. Talked boss into not doing something the hard way
  19. Helped teenager with algebra
  20. Published 5 blog posts
Not so much, perhaps, but as the post title asserts, "not nothing."  Enough to merit, I believe, the small charge of accomplishment that is cutting through the teenager-kept-me-awake-til-all-hours-again haze this morning.  Enough to keep me going.

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