Nothing is so fatiguing as the eternal hanging on of an uncompleted task. ~William James

Friday, April 15, 2011

99 and Counting. . .

On the order of onomatopoeia --you know, those words that sound like the noise being referred to, like "bang" and "wack" and "sizzle"--here is a way to procrastinate with the word procrastination.  (And by the way, clicking on  onomatopoeia  will take you to a nifty site where you can waste lots of time on onomatopoeia games.  Just in case you're on a roll.)
Clearly, any amount of time spent on seeing how many words you can make from the letters in "procrastination" is a waste, and by definition a way of putting off doing something more worthwhile.  I could have been paying my monthly bills this evening, since we actually got paid on time this month.  Instead, I produced the following, using abnormally lax--some would say virtually nonexistent--standards:

action     ant
cant     cantor     carp     cars     cart     cast     coin     corn     corps     crap     crisp     crop              

nation     nit     notion                       


pain     paint     part     partition     past     pats     pins     pint     piston     pits     point     poison     poor     port     portion     post     potion     pots     print     prior     proctor           

rain     rant     raps     rasp     ratio     ration     riot     rips     roast     roost                         

saint     saps     satin     scant     scion     scoot     scorpion     scorn     scrap     scrip     sin     soot     sort     Spain     spar     spat     spin     spit     spittoon     sport     spot     sprint     stain     star     start     stint     stir     stop    strap     strip     strop     stoop     strain                           

tact     tans     taps     tarp      tars     tart      tins     tint     tips     toast     tons     torpor     tort     traction     train

Wow!  What an accomplishment.              
I invite others to weigh in on words I missed, thus encouraging the spread of the scourge of the p-word.

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