Nothing is so fatiguing as the eternal hanging on of an uncompleted task. ~William James

Monday, February 28, 2011

Done for the Week: The Revolution Ate My Agenda

We are living in amazing times, in Wisconsin, and in so many other places in this country and in the world.  Not much time for business as usual.   

This past week, I managed to squeeze the following in:

Done for the Week:  Feb. 21-27
  1. Continued off-season race training, still distracted by earth still shifting beneath my feet in Wisconsin; biked once, ran once (supplemented by lots of walking in demonstrations)
  2. Finished How to Calm Down:  Three Deep Breaths to Peace of Mind, by Fred L. Miller
  3. Gave significant volunteer support to transitioning nonprofit
  4. Worked my two part-time jobs
  5. Published 5 blog posts
  6. Wrote 2 Gratitude Journal entries
  7. Meditated 3 times
  8. Attended Issues Assembly
  9. Attended Social Justice Committee meeting at my church
  10. Celebrated quasi-anniversary with the man I married on Leap Day
  11. Had a lunch date with my husband
  12. Watched our 2 teams play 2 basketball games, with my son and my husband
  13. Attended 4 demonstrations, 1 locally, and 3 in Madison
  14. Attended one yoga class
  15. Spent way too much time online, following political uprising in my state, "working" Facebook, Twitter, and political sites, and updating my organization's website to reflect on-the-ground scheduling 
  16. Continued emailing with my brother
It seems to me that the most important thing that I "got done" this last week was to participate in democracy, in defense of social justice.  Sounds quite lofty, when in fact I was only one of tens of thousands in my state alone mobilized to resist some devastating proposals and powerful corporate interests.  But my actions represented a huge investment of my time and energy, and claimed a priority reflective of the magnitude of things at issue.  

As this struggle goes on, as it appears that it will for some time, the challenge will be to develop some kind of maintenance strategy, spelling ourselves and keeping our strength up for the long-term, tending to our lives and our common dreams.  That is a lesson I am ready to learn, one that I've needed for a long time. 

Last week's focus goal was "to meditate daily, no matter what."  For some reason, some Blogger glitch-of-the-day won't let me highlight item 7 above, but even without green highlighting, it is easy to see that I fell short of that goal.  Again, I learn that I have the most difficulty making time to meditate when it is the most important, and most needed.  

Someone close to me, who shall remain nameless, is currently in the midst of quitting smoking.  Living in the penumbra of this epic battle provides me the object lesson I need.  One day at a time, and give ourselves credit for progress, no matter how small.  So I'm concentrating on the fact that I meditated three times last week, not zero times--rather than three times, not seven, as planned.  My meditation cushion is (nearly) half occupied, not half empty.

Next week's focus goal will be to meditate daily, no matter what. 

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