Nothing is so fatiguing as the eternal hanging on of an uncompleted task. ~William James

Monday, February 7, 2011

Done for the Week: Return of the Couch Potato

If I glance over to the right side of my slightly redesigned blog (see item 16 below), I see that we have finished with 10% of 2011.  Yikes.  And double yikes, considering how I spent this last week.

Here's what I did with my time.

Done for the Week:  Jan. 31-Feb. 6
  1. Continued off-season race training, fighting a sinus infection and an intestinal bug; biked once; ran once
  2. Succeeded in getting husband to gym with me once
  3. Finished The Winds of Change:  A Guided Journey with Healing Music through Grief, Loss & Transformation, by Marcia Breitenbach
  4. Continued providing minimal volunteer support to transitioning nonprofit
  5. Worked my two part-time jobs
  6. Published 5 blog posts
  7. Wrote 2 Gratitude Journal entries
  8. Wrote 1 Morning Page
  9. Meditated 2 times
  10. Spent time processing last week's training experience (See my post, Back from the Jungle
  11. Attended first meeting of committee to hire new organizer
  12. Watched our two favorite basketball teams play 4 games, with son and husband
  13. Took a snow day; played outside with my son, my daughter, my grandson, and a Plott Hound
  14. Took a sick day; rested, read, and spent (too much?) time on the computer
  15. Attended one yoga class
  16. Spent a significant amount of time tweaking my blog layout, and making network connections 
  17. Watched possibly excessive number of episodes of Becker on YouTube
  18. Attended professional basketball game with my husband and two sons
  19. Celebrated 18th birthday with my son's friend--my "third son"
  20. Stayed inside long enough to wash my warmest winter coat
  21. Helped shovel our driveway after major winter storm
  22. Spent one abbreviated session on "novelling"
  23. Walked my daughter's Plott Hound once; took my Lab/Greyhound to the dog park
  24. Watched my second Super Bowl ever--nice bonding experience with my household's three males
My focus goal for last week was "to get back to working on my novel."  I anticipated that the weather would take a bite or two out of my scheduled writing time.  And yet I wrote that "no matter what, I commit to two writing sessions of two hours each."  Ahem.  See item 20 above, highlighted in green.  Glass half full, I'm going to say.  This week should be a bit more hospitable to writing, if I can get my head back into it.

The most important thing I did last week, somewhat counterintuitively, was to give in to my irresistible urge to slack, as in "that which a slacker does."  One snow day, one sick day, (both in red above) and several days down in the valley of lethargy, and I am starting to feel like moving again.  Of course, I am not generally the sort of person who comes to a grinding halt; even sick, and even blue, I normally still attempt the minimal required activity.  But from time to time, like this past week, I experience an uncharacteristic inner rebellion.  I have observed, in the past, that this usually follows a period of business, especially in the service of others' requests, needs and demands.  I am thinking it may be wise to approach the whole "hitting the wall" thing with an attitude of acceptance.  It remains to be seen if I am right about this, and if I can really pull off the acceptance part of it. 

Given this recent work stoppage, I am going to try to ease into the coming week, and to resist getting drawn into the vortex of other people's agendas.  I am congenitally bad at this, but I am making it my focus goal for the week, nonetheless.  And about time.

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