Nothing is so fatiguing as the eternal hanging on of an uncompleted task. ~William James

Monday, July 5, 2010

Done for the Week: The Iceberg Moveth!

My sister tells me she's having a "pajama day" today.  Since she just spent the last week hosting my daughter, her husband, and their almost-three-year-old, I think she's entitled.  I am envious, and might have thought of joining her, but my training program required me to hit the gym this afternoon, and pajamas probably would not have enhanced the experience.  

No one seems clear about whether this is a holiday or not.  My husband put the garbage out, and was triumphant when ours was the only house on the block who got their garbage picked up for the week.  The library is closed today, but also experienced a dreaded "furlough" day on Friday.  Library staff had any thoughts of an extended weekend quashed by having the library open on Saturday.  And then closed on Sunday, of course, as they have been in summer since hitting earlier hard budget times several years ago.  

The 4th of July has not been my favorite holiday since my government and I parted ways in my youth over "international policy"--i.e., war as a policy tool, preemptive and otherwise.  Additionally, this weekend was the third anniversary of my father's death.  I am beginning to appreciate what the hospice "grief counselor" said about the difficulty of such an event pegged to a public holiday.  I still like fireworks, though.

I decided on Memorial Day not to take national holidays off from blogging.  So here's what I got done last week, while gearing up to get through the weekend.

Done List--Week of June 28-July 4
  1. Finished Week 7 of revised 14-week Sprint Triathlon training plan--still babying my old foot fracture
  2. Finally began using heart monitor for training; bid unsuccessfully on triathlon clothing on ebay
  3. Finished A Summer of Hummingbirds:  Love, Art, and Scandal in the Intersecting Worlds of Emily Dickinson, Mark Twain, Harriet Beecher Stowe, & Martin Johnson Heade, by Christopher Benfey; Hard Laughter, by Anne Lamott; Friends, Lovers, Chocolate:  An Isabel Dalhousie Novel, by Alexander McCall Smith; The Van Gogh Blues:  The Creative Person's Path Through Depression, by Eric Maisel, Ph.D.
  4. Took my blood pressure 6 days
  5. Visited my doctor and submitted sample for long-delayed test--results negative
  6. Attended nonprofit organization's transition meeting
  7. Attended 3 yoga classes
  8. Published 5 blog posts
  9. Meditated 7 times
  10. Met with potential transitional staff for nonprofit organization
  11. Wrote 7 Gratitude Journal entries
  12. Wrote 6 Morning Pages
  13. Continued mini yoga practice
  14. Dog-sat my daughter's dog, requiring 3 walks and 2 feedings per day
  15. Started writing novel
  16. Went out with my husband for Happy Hour; continued reading aloud Elizabeth George's In the Presence of the Enemy
  17. Took my grandson for a pre-vacation haircut, and stocking up trip to the library
Last week's focus goal was 
to continue practicing mindfulness while beginning to clear the obstacles that have prevented me from writing what I've planned.  
I wrote: 
If I succeed, next week's list should reflect more time spent meditating, and more time spent writing.  
Highlighted in green, items 9 and 15 on the list above "reflect more time spent meditating, and more time spent writing."  And item 15 also appears in red text--unintentionally Christmas-y--as I consider it my most important achievement of the week.  In fact, it may be my most important achievement of the last several months, at least.

This week's focus goal is the same as last week's, with, I hope, the same results in progress made.  

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