Nothing is so fatiguing as the eternal hanging on of an uncompleted task. ~William James

Monday, July 12, 2010

Done for the Week: Can Another Week Really Be Gone?

Why did it take about six hours to get from last Monday to today?  I can guarantee it wasn't because I was having so much fun.  (See my posts from last Thursday and last Friday!)  Hopefully, I will find a little more time to relax this week, and some breathing space in between the busy hours.  

If it really was six hours, the list below would be phenomenal!

Done List--Week of July 5-11
  1. Finished Week 8 of revised 14-week Sprint Triathlon training plan, with full running schedule--6 weeks to go!
  2. Finished The Right Attitude to Rain, by Alexander McCall Smith; 
  3. Took my blood pressure daily
  4. Attended Religious Leaders Caucus
  5. Attended Transitional Jobs Collaborative meeting
  6. Participated in too many conversations about organizational crisis
  7. Published 5 blog posts
  8. Meditated 6 times
  9. Wrote 7 Gratitude Journal entries
  10. Wrote 7 Morning Pages
  11. Continued cleaning campaign
  12. Continued mini yoga practice 
  13. Attended 3 yoga classes
  14. Continued writing novel
  15. Went out with my husband for Happy Hour twice;continued reading aloud Elizabeth George's In the Presence of the Enemy
  16. Called my Mom
  17. Paid some overdue health bills
  18. Helped motivate my nearly adult son to apply for several jobs
  19. Purchased paint for family room
Last week's focus goal, in green above, was to spend more time meditating and more time writing.  I did better at meditating than at writing, since I am still struggling to allocate time for writing in the midst of unanticipated disruptions.  I will stick with this focus goal for this week, and will make an effort each day to designate a time period for working on my novel.   More specifically, I will attempt to complete Chapter 2 of my first draft.

Attending three yoga classes seems to me the most important achievement of the past week.  For one thing, yoga is supporting the strength, balance, and flexibility I will need to successfully participate in my upcoming triathlon.  And more importantly, yoga is contributing to improved mood and a more serene attitude.  And both of these benefits have a lot to do with the overall quality of my life, and my productivity.

For now, I have a date to go outside with a most charming child, who just asked me "Nana, are you done with your bog?"

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