Nothing is so fatiguing as the eternal hanging on of an uncompleted task. ~William James

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Boldly Going Where This Woman Hadn't Planned to Go

Once again, my best-laid plans have fallen overboard.  As I weigh the decision of whether to throw the switch and actually sign up for the triathlon I am currently training for, I am dealing with yet another injury.  And for the fourth time in as many years, my newest physical damage is a result of my family roles, rather than my athletic endeavors.

Four years ago, my dog raced into me at the dog park, where we had taken him out of love and the enjoyment of watching him blissfully cavort.  So much for my right Medial Collateral Ligament, not to mention my freedom of movement for the next several weeks, and my time and money as I underwent three months of physical therapy.

Finally released from therapy appointments, I boarded a plane and headed for Louisiana, where I would help care for my aging father.  In the course of those duties, I rolled my left ankle while trying not to trip over his dog as I raced to rescue Dad from a fall.  The urgi-care doctor I saw diagnosed a fracture, booted me, and sent me home on crutches.  My physical therapist was surprised at the speed of my return to his care.  We have become good friends.  

Six weeks ago, having just completed my first 5K run, I injured my left foot again, this time rolling the top of my foot, tripping over laundry in my basement.  During a couple of weeks off running, I decided to start training for my first sprint triathlon.  The left toe is still somewhat painful, but tolerating running at this point.

Yesterday, while caring for my two-year-old grandson, I tripped on a toy and once again rolled my left ankle.  The swelling is not nearly as pronounced as when I did the same thing four years ago, but weight-bearing isn't going so well after 24 hours.  I did, however, manage the long swim, the one that had been postponed from the day before, yesterday evening.  And the swim was great!  The pool was gloriously uncrowded, my endurance is increasing exponentially, and I am actually starting to enjoy this part of the training that I had originally dreaded.  

The day before, all my blogging difficulties put me in my study at the exact moment that it sprung a potentially disastrous leak, just in time to direct its rescue.  My new foot injury is taking me in unplanned directions, too.  Rather than steeling myself for some fresh hell, I am going to try to pay attention to unanticipated opportunities, and surprises.  

Today is, appropriately, the birthday of my youngest child, one of my greatest surprises ever.  I'm off to celebrate.  On crutches.  And in unplanned ways.

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