Nothing is so fatiguing as the eternal hanging on of an uncompleted task. ~William James

Monday, July 4, 2011

Done for the Week: Time to Power Up

Over the year and a half that I have been writing this blog, I have reported several colds, viruses and injuries that have served to interrupt my productivity on various fronts.  Last week I was visited by yet another bug.  One that has felled several friends and family members, and apparently borders on the interminable.  

Was I always so frequently plagued with minor physical difficulties?  Is this just some of that rain that, "into each life . . . must fall," according to Ella Fitzgerald and the Inkspots?  

Should I be 
  • eating better?  (Yup.)  
  • worried that I've contracted some immune-system compromising condition/illness?  (Probably not.)
  • sucking it up a bit more?  (Yeah.  I admit it.) 
Despite my virus-caused general malaise this past week, I got a fair amount done.  And undone.

Done for the Week:  June 27-July 3, 2011
  1. Completed Week 8 of 15-week triathlon training program, modified to accommodate virus I caught; ran once; swam twice;
  2. Swam twice, ran once with my training partner 
  3. Registered for Danskin Triathlon
  4. Registered for Open Water Swim clinic
  5. Made hotel reservation for tri weekend
  6. Finished The Film Club: A Memoir, by David Gilmour; Thursdays at Eight, by Debbie Macomber
  7. Continued to work my two part-time jobs 
  8. Spent some couch time suffering from a virus being passed through my family
  9. Welcomed my grandson back from his vacation
  10. Resigned from Search Committee
  11. Blew off a couple more meetings
  12. Resigned as volunteer backup secretary for nonprofit organization
  13. Saw my therapist
  14. Published 3 blog posts 
  15. Meditated 2 times
  16. Had lunch date with my husband
  17. Went to Happy Hour with my husband
  18. Watched one episode of Treme with my husband
  19. Finished caring for my out-of-town daughter's dog and house, days 10 and 11
  20. Got various family members, including our dog, to walk temporary foster dog with me
  21. Met again with major new website client
  22. Went out driving with learning teenager several times 
  23. Participated in driving my not-quite-licensed-to-drive son to his job
  24. Volunteered with recall campaign
  25. Continued supporting my 20-year-old in his return to the academic environment; lent moral support to completion of final project and online final
  26. Went to Summerfest with my husband, and couple friends of his
  27. Attended 50th wedding anniversary
  28. Attended wake
  29. Watched Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part I, with my sons and husband, in preparation for Part II's upcoming debut
  30. Made progress in cleaning/straightening/decluttering work room, bedroom & kitchen 
  31. Bought new bedding to celebrate our newly unearthed bedroom 

In my view, my most important accomplishment last week was finally signing up for the triathlon I am training for.  My delay was partly a matter of securing the necessary monetary outlay; partly related to procrastination of an intended action, due to residual feelings of inadequacy and fear; and partly the result of an unwillingness to put my own needs (to sign up in, and thus be measured against, my own age group) ahead of the imagined needs of my first-timer partner for companionship in the mixed age-group category.  It turned out to be no big deal, when I finally brought it up with her.  All that remained was to pull the trigger.  Which I did.

Last week I continued to focus on the goal of decluttering our house, and involving my housemates in the excavation, starting with the kitchen, my work room, and our bedroom.  As you can see, in green above, I continued to chip away at this goal.  Housemate involvement?  Not so much, though my husband joined me in uncovering (and re "cover"-ing) our bedroom.  At the moment, I can see more of the floor of my work room, and occupy most sitting surfaces, but I still have a ways to go in there.  The kitchen?  I find some of it, I lose some of it, I find some of it, I lose more of it. . . .  It's a perennially moving target.  The whole project needs at least another week.  Hopefully, I can be healthy soon, and bring a bit more energy to it.

As I head into the coming week, I'm going to be thinking about just that--energy

## Today makes me think of my poem, Independence Day, posted on ReVersing Course.

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