Nothing is so fatiguing as the eternal hanging on of an uncompleted task. ~William James

Monday, July 18, 2011

Done for the Week: Slip Sliding Away

A busy day today, finishing up yesterday's overly ambitious to-do list.  And a too-busy week last week, with too little to show for my efforts.

As with my efforts to remodel my swim stroke, my struggle to bring order to my life is proving strenuous.  The results of both campaigns to date urge refining my approach.

In any case, last week was not without its achievements.

Done for the Week:  July 11-17, 2011
  1. Completed Week 10 of 15-week triathlon training program; ran twice; swam three times; biked twice
  2. Swam twice, ran twice, biked once with my training partner 
  3. Got bike computer installed, new water cage mounted
  4. Watched series of YouTube videos on Total Immersion swimming
  5. Finished Hamlet's Blackberry, by William Powers
  6. Continued to work my two part-time jobs 
  7. Published 2 blog posts 
  8. Shared Happy Hour dinner with my husband
  9. Began watching new anime series with my son
  10. Designed and printed new business cards
  11. Went out driving with learning teenager several times 
  12. Participated in driving my not-quite-licensed-to-drive son to his job
  13. Continued to work on cracking the code for road test appointment; succeeded in moving appointment up 2 weeks
  14. Worked on getting out the vote for recall primary
  15. Made major progress on backyard reclamation
  16. Picked up mower in for repair
  17. Planted more flowers, two tomato plants
  18. Went to jobs rally
  19. Meditated once 
  20. Saw my therapist
  21. Bought new tent
  22. Had first backyard campout with my grandson
  23. Attended board meeting
  24. Continued progress in cleaning/straightening/decluttering work room, bedroom & kitchen  

Finishing Hamlet's Blackberry:  A Practical Philosophy for Building a Good Life in the Digital Age, by William Powers, was last week's most important accomplishment.  The book made me rethink how much time I'm spending online these days.  Powers argues, and I am beginning to believe, that much of the anxiety and confusion many of us are experiencing in our lives, as well as a great deal of our difficulty with focusing and getting things done, represent side effects of our absorption in screens.  I plan to continue reflecting on how I can use the technology that surrounds me to accomplish more of what I care about, while avoiding more of its distractions.

Last week, for the fourth week running, my focus goal was to declutter our house, involving my housemates in the excavation, and starting with the kitchen, my work room, and our bedroom.  Unfortunately, my virus returned for an encore performance; my pregnant daughter spent a night in the emergency room, requiring me to give a day to watching my overtired grandson; the recall primary election demanded more volunteer hours; and "life happened" in other ways too numerous and dreary to mention.  I made a bit more progress, but I'm not "there" yet.  I'm giving it at least another week.

Yoga and meditation were among the things that didn't happen last week.  Symptomatic, I suppose, of my general difficulty with self-discipline in this period.  I intend to do better this week.

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