Nothing is so fatiguing as the eternal hanging on of an uncompleted task. ~William James

Monday, May 16, 2011

Done for the Week: A Short Story of a Busy Week

This morning, the sun is out.  And that's news these days, where I come from.  

Last week, I ran outside with gloves on; my triathlon camp was relocated indoors by icy winds and rain; my newly planted flowers were in danger of perishing; and my mood went south in the face of unalleviated gray skies.

Here's what I got done, anyway:

Done for the Week:  May 9 - 15, 2011
  1. Continued training for triathlon
  2. Ran twice with my training partner 
  3. Attended semi-grueling day-long triathlon camp 
  4. Finished The Zen Path Through Depression, by Philip Martin; The Book of Good Habits, by Dirk Mathison; and A Short Guide to a Happy Life, by Anna Quindlen
  5. Attended Board meeting
  6. Attended Housing Authority board meeting
  7. Attended church's annual meeting, serving as (amateur) parliamentarian
  8. Attended church's Coming of Age service, as mentor
  9. Attended Coming of Age party 
  10. Called my mother
  11. Continued to work my two part-time jobs
  12. Published 5 blog posts (though global Blogger malfunction ate one--it may still be restored)
  13. Attended 1 yoga class
  14. Cooked twice
  15. Shopped for groceries
  16. Caught up on laundry
  17. Watched two playoff basketball games with my sons and husband
  18. Spent many hours removing glass fragments from my lawn, and garden area
  19. Began planting new flowers--forget-me-nots, columbine, pansies, hanging basket of petunias
  20. Went out driving with learning teenager several times 
  21. Saw my therapist 
  22. Took a posting "snow day," courtesy of Blogger shutdown
The most important thing I accomplished last week, in my opinion, was to attend a "semi-grueling day-long triathlon camp."  This item makes the top of my list because it represents the biggest push I've given myself recently.  And although I am flagging a bit after this difficult, and seemingly interminable winter, I know from experience that it's going to take some pushing, balanced with some rest, to get me where I'm intending to go this summer.  So I'm going to suck up the sore muscles, absorb the good information and personalized instruction, and keep going. 
Last week's focus goal was to "return to daily meditating." The alert reader will notice the utter absence of any items related to meditating on the above list.  I continue to struggle with the need for routines supportive to my goals.  Last year, as I prepared for my first triathlon, while juggling my jobs and the needs of a relatively large and complex family, I was better able to rely on digging down to some reserve of energy to help me accomplish what I needed/wanted to get done.  This year, not so much.  Even sitting to meditate, which restores me when I actually do it, is beyond my scheduling and executing capacity most days.

The condition of the world, and the continuing political maelstrom in my state, are seriously sapping me.  I am in a state of mild exhaustion, and would benefit greatly, I believe, from being able to have even one thing that I do at a regular time each day--something that could become habit, to be done more or less automatically, without spending time and effort deciding to do it, and figuring out when to do it.

To that end, my focus goal for the coming week is to find a regular time to meditate, and to build a habit by meditating at that time every day.

My work is cut out for me.   Namaste. . .

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