Nothing is so fatiguing as the eternal hanging on of an uncompleted task. ~William James

Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010--The Year in Rearview, Part II

At the risk of being trite, I am putting together this little list of things I accomplished in 2010. I hope it doesn't read like one of those dreaded holiday letters.  But frankly, I need the encouragement.  For me, 2010 was a year of change, a year in which I got off some dimes, just did it, and put some things to bed.  What follows is the B side to yesterday's lament.

Some Stuff I'm Happy I Did in 2010

  • Maintained my new blog, meeting all but one deadline, and publishing 264 posts (as of tomorrow).
  • Trained for and competed in two 5K races and my first sprint triathlon.
  • Finally learned to breathe efficiently while swimming freestyle.
  • Loved and supported my kids through some tough times.
  • Did my first public poetry reading in many years.
  • Revived some old friendships.
  • Made significant progress on repairing my house and cars.
  • Began a regular yoga practice.
  • Faced down my blood pressure phobia for a time, before faltering temporarily.
  • Resumed writing Morning Pages.
  • Learned some new web skills; designed and maintained new website.
  • Worked hard in effort to bring much-needed jobs to my community.
  • Wrote 15-1/2 chapters of novel's first draft.
  • Finished reading 100 books; still slogging through several; abandoned a few.
  • Attended an online meditation retreat, maintained my own meditation practice, and kept my meditation group going.
  • Provided significant support to struggling nonprofit, and began learning to say no.
  • Survived a difficult year emotionally, holding my own with depression and anxiety.
  • Spent lots of time playing with my grandson.
  • Made it through most of the 14th year of my 2nd marriage, still friends.
And now, I have some more holiday celebrating to attend to, and my final 2010 post to dream up.  My countdown clock has already pronounced this year 100% complete!

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