Nothing is so fatiguing as the eternal hanging on of an uncompleted task. ~William James

Monday, December 19, 2011

Done for the Week: Groping My Way Through the Dark

Last week flew by, as weeks are wont to do, winding down the year.  It is dark by 4:30 now, and I start longing for bed at about 7:30.  My body and mind are suckers for the hibernation signals.  Alas, no cave, and no accommodation of this ancient impulse in our frenzied year-end rituals.

Here's what I managed to drag myself through last week, but not without a lot of yawning.  And yes, the occasional curse.

Done for the Week:  Dec. 12-Dec. 18, 2011

  1. Took my dog to the dog park with my son
  2. Read Now is the Time to Open Your Heart, by Alice Walker
  3. Continued to work my two part-time jobs
  4. Published 2 blog posts
  5. Continued work on current clients' projects
  6. Spent 14+ hours working on recall campaign
  7. Played my now-tolerable piano almost every day
  8. Attended 1 yoga class
  9. Continued to support my daughter's growing family
  10. Attended Issues Night meeting and holiday potluck
  11. Attended Board meeting
  12. Meditated 3 times
  13. Watched one episode of Eureka with my son
  14. Continued reading Elizabeth George's A Traitor to Memory aloud with my husband--just past the middle of this 700+ pages tome
  15. Went to dinner with my husband
  16. Did laundry 
  17. Arranged vet appointment for immunization updates
  18. Continued Christmas shopping
  19. Took my sister to lunch for her birthday
  20. Completed my sister's birthday jewelry gift
  21. Took friend out for pre-holiday lunch
  22. Attended Sunday church service
  23. Tracked over three times as many blog visits in the first half of this month as in all of December 2010
  24. Paid our monthly bills

For the second week in a row, the most important thing I did last week was to spend parts of four days working on the campaign to recall the governor of my state.  This included participating in the press conference to announce the collection of over half a million signatures in 30 days, just shy of the number needed to trigger the recall.  Our goal is to get 720,000 signatures on the recall petitions in the time remaining--until January 17th--to establish a secure margin against expected challenges.  

Once again, some of my volunteer time was spent standing out in the cold with a clipboard, collecting signatures, a few insulting words and gestures, some honest but civil disagreement, words and gestures of support, and hot chocolate, coffee and a cookie purchased for me by three separate grateful individuals who warmed my body and my heart.
Last week's focus goal was to continue the fledgling (one week old) momentum  on my novel, and specifically to produce one more chapter.  The bad news is that I failed to make/find the necessary time in a very busy week to sit down and collect my thoughts and turn them into pages.  The good news is that. . . well, there isn't really any on this front.  Unless I count the guilt and disappointment that remind me of my goal.

Realistically, I am unlikely to get much writing done this week.  My household is relocating to New Orleans midweek, to spend Christmas with my mother.  Somehow the prospect of taking our not-so-organized show on the road is more than a bit daunting, adding to the normal stress of this time of year.  There's the dog to stash--requiring shots, licensing and a permit for the dog park frequented by our dog sitter, not to mention the guilt we are all negotiating for abandoning this most loving and nervous of family members.  Then there's packing and the joy of air travel, with at least one flight phobic in our merry band.  And papers and mail to stop.  And shopping to finish.  And property taxes to pay, a tree to finish decorating so we can leave it behind, a partridge or two hanging about. . .   

So later for the novel.

My focus goal for this week is to make time to exercise at least three times (Note the complete absence of exercise from this week's list of accomplishments.), and to meditate daily.  If this seems like a pretty tall meditating order, it should be just enough zen to counter the effects of our dislocation and the reconfiguration of family demands to which I am likely to be overly responsive.

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