Nothing is so fatiguing as the eternal hanging on of an uncompleted task. ~William James

Monday, August 15, 2011

Done for the Week: Staying the Course in Wisconsin

This morning, my fellow Wisconsites and I awake to another week in the land of what many refer to as FitzWalkerstan.  Last week's recall election losses were hard to swallow, though "our side" did manage to take two of six.  Up tomorrow are two more recalls, this time of two Democratic senators who left the state for a few weeks last spring to conduct a virtual fillibuster intended to slow down the Walker train wreck.  Needless to say, we are again holding our breath and hoping for victory.

Despite the dispiriting effect of watching the candidate I had worked hard for go down to defeat, I managed to keep going last week, and to get some things done.

Done for the Week:  Aug. 8-14, 2011
  1. Completed Week 14 of 15-week triathlon training program; ran three times; swam three times; biked three times
  2. Worked out several times with my training partner
  3. Attended second Open Water Swim class
  4. Attended race simulation; included biking the race course in windy conditions, on pace to meet my goal
  5. Continued working on pre-race anxiety, mental training
  6. Purchased bike inner tube, new running hat
  7. Finished The Scent of Rain and Lightning, by Nancy Pickard; Nose Down, Eyes Up, by Merrill Markoe
  8. Continued to work my two part-time jobs 
  9. Provided technical assistance to nonprofit organization
  10. Meditated four times
  11. Published 2 blog posts
  12. Shared Happy Hour dinner with my husband
  13. Continued reading Elizabeth George's In Pursuit of the Proper Sinner aloud with my husband
  14. Arranged to meet with possible new web client
  15. Continued work on current clients' projects
  16. Worked to get out the vote for recall candidate 
  17. Advised newly voting-age son on registering, voting 
  18. Attended election night party
  19. Coped with election loss depression
  20. Kept up newly straightened/cleaned/decluttered areas, with some family assistance
  21. Did laundry

Last week's focus goal was to return to the regular practice of meditation.  As you can see above, I meditated four times in a fairly crazy week.  You'd think I could manage to remember what a difference it makes. 

Once again, last week's most important accomplishment was all the effort I put into getting ready for the triathlon.  Triathlon seems to be, for me and for many others I have met, something of a container/metaphor for growth.  At least, that's part of what I tell myself about why the endeavor deserves all the time and sweat and money I expend on it.

I am still learning things I need to know from triathlon, and things I apply across the rock-strewn landscape of my life.  This week's focus goal, another learning opportunity, is to finish my training using the less-is-more and self-nurturing approach appropriate to the final days before the race.  I will spend less hours on the track, on the road, and in the water; I will continue to meditate; I will eat to enhance health and performance; I will encourage sleep; and I will work on my head, using music, mantras, positive talk, and camaraderie.  And in the end, I will show up on race day and do what I came to do.

The final pre-race hurdle is a Tuesday evening swim across the lake where the race will take place on Sunday.  In the company of a dozen or so other nervous swimmers, I intend to get to the other side by any means necessary.

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