Nothing is so fatiguing as the eternal hanging on of an uncompleted task. ~William James

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Done for the Week: Getting Into Getting Out of Stuff

For the first time since I started this Done for the Week feature, I am a day late (if not a dollar short) in posting it.  I may have some fine-tuning to do on this whole laying back thing.

I am still, however, getting some things finished, of the many that matter to me.

Done for the Week:  June 20-26, 2011
  1. Completed Week 7 of 15-week triathlon training program; ran twice; biked twice; swam twice
  2. Swam once, ran once with my training partner 
  3. Got my son to the gym with me once
  4. Finished Motherless Brooklyn, by Jonathan Lethem
  5. Attended 2 yoga classes
  6. Participated in final interviews for organizer position 
  7. Participated in hiring decision
  8. Continued to work my two part-time jobs 
  9. Planted orphaned begonia
  10. Put in backyard sandbox
  11. Cut back summer blogging schedule
  12. Stepped further back from organizational overcommitment
  13. Blew off a couple of meetings 
  14. Published 4 blog posts 
  15. Meditated 2 times
  16. Had lunch date with my husband
  17. Went to Happy Hour with my husband
  18. Watched two episodes of Treme with my husband
  19. Took care of my out-of-town daughter's dog and house, days 3 through 9 of 11
  20. Got various family members, including our dog, to walk temporary foster dog with me
  21. Met again with major new website client
  22. Went out driving with learning teenager several times 
  23. Participated in driving my not-quite-licensed-to-drive son to his job
  24. Volunteered with recall campaign
  25. Continued spending time on, and making progress with, yard recovery project
  26. Spent time outside in my swing, reading and relaxing
  27. Continued supporting my 20-year-old in his return to the academic environment
  28. Made progress in cleaning/straightening/decluttering work room, bedroom & kitchen

Last week's most important accomplishment, in the opinion of this overworked and under rested blogger,
was the jettisoning of some items that have been clogging my agenda of late--this was by way of embracing summer, and its legendary opportunities to sit quietly on the planet and revel in its glories.  Now if I can just keep myself from indulging my busy-ness tic and signing up for replacement obligations, I may begin to recover some much-needed energy.

My focus goal for last week was to begin to declutter our house, and to involve my housemates in the excavation.  The plan was to start with the kitchen, my work room, and our bedroom.  As you can see, in green above, I did make some progress on this goal.  But I am almost always (my family would say always) too ambitious.  Our nest has been neglected for too long, and by too many of us, to be rewoven in a week.  Or two.  Or three.  So I am extending this focus goal at least into next week.  After I have unearthed a modicum of surface space, I intend to fight the impulse to move on, until the hordes of stuff have retreated significantly.

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