Nothing is so fatiguing as the eternal hanging on of an uncompleted task. ~William James

Monday, October 4, 2010

Done for the Week: Still Looking for My Rhythm

Like the Muppets' Fozzie Bear in a famously unrhythmic skit, apparently "I don't got rhythm."  At least, I'm having one hell of a time getting back any semblance of a flow to my days after travelling and a particularly bumpy start to the new semester and its "routines"--even for me, who once aspired to Bohemian spontaneity.  

But if the merest regularity is still a work in progress, I have not yet ground to a complete halt.  Here's what I got done last week.

Done List--Week of Sept. 27-Oct. 3

  1. Continued off-season triathlon training, on it's-turned-cold-and-rained-too-often-and-my-gym-is-closed-a-lot-for-the-Jewish-holidays mode--biked once, ran once
  2. Finished No Stone Unturned:  The Life and Times of Maggie Kuhnby Maggie Kuhn; 
  3. Continued significant support to transitioning nonprofit organization
  4. Worked my two part-time jobs, with reduced hours due to Jewish holidays
  5. Published 5 blog posts, including my 200th
  6. Meditated 1 time
  7. Wrote 4 Gratitude Journal entries
  8. Wrote 3 Morning Pages
  9. Spent  1/2 day cleaning kitchen--not quite finished
  10. Began removing laundry-from-hell from basement floor
  11. Went out with my husband for an especially pleasant Happy Hour; continued reading aloud Elizabeth George's In the Presence of the Enemy
  12. Watched Barbershop with my family
  13. Took my dog to the dog park twice
  14. Moved food from dysfunctional refrigerator to new/old one
  15. Attended 1 yoga class
  16. Was treated to a really special birthday lunch by my sister
  17. Completed my last week as a 59-year-old, at least for this lifetime
  18. Communicated with long-distance friend
  19. Attended another Unitarian church
    In red above are some of my relationship accomplishments for the week, which I regard as the most important items on the list.  As I mentioned in last Thursday's post, "Taking Time for the People in Our Lives," I am learning to give this part of my life more of the attention it deserves.  I am lucky to have so many opportunities to do so, and people who still want something to do with me after years of my absorption in other tasks and crises.

    Not highlighted in green, and not on the list above, is my planned novel writing for the week.  I had forgotten that my Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon schedule, which should accommodate writing for the next several months, was suspended for yet another week for the Jewish holidays.  I am not Jewish, but my daughter teaches part-time in a Jewish girls' high school, so her calendar, and mine as her childcare provider, are subject to theirs.  And this coming week, my charge's preschool schedule is different, which will eliminate the time I will eventually have free on Tuesday afternoon.  So my plan is to make the effort to spend the Wednesday time on writing, and to make one other two-hour writing appointment that I will keep.  I will also continue to try, as I determined last week, to "meditate frequently, exercise more, and get my house in better shape so I can stand living here."

    And to move on with compassion from what I will try not to regard as the dismal failure of the last couple of weeks.

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