Nothing is so fatiguing as the eternal hanging on of an uncompleted task. ~William James

Friday, May 7, 2010

My Seminar on the Porch

Today is a porch day.  If I had one, I'd be on it.  If I had a regular everyday job, I'd call in sick to it.  If I knew how, I'd just chill.

You might think that the weather in my parts must be glorious, but in fact it's raining.  I just returned from a free injury evaluation at the sports medicine outpost in my gym, having learned that we can't rule out a "broken foot" --the technical term, apparently.  And though I have recently refashioned myself as an athlete of sorts, the "sport" in which I sustained this sidelining injury is the laundry marathon.  While we're waiting to see whether my foot needs to be "taken to the next level," with attendant x-rays, deductibles and co-pays, I am assigned to rest, ice and elevate.  And I am thinking that this could be the opportunity I need to learn how to relax.

So I'm going to recast today as a porch workshop.  I'm going to try to conjure a porch mood, wear a porch wardrobe--the sweats I have on are perfect--and make use of some porch props.  Geranium --check.  Blanket --check.  Mug of tea --check.  Sleeping dog --check.  

As I decide what to do today, I am going to first picture doing it on a porch to see if it fits.  Like this. . . .  Blogging?  Yes.  But not about being "more productive."  Meditating?  For sure.  Getting lost in The Memory Keeper's Daughter?  Absolutely.  Writing?  Naturally.  Paying bills?  I don't think so.  Ditto, solving family members' emotional problems.  Enjoying a glass of wine?  Definitely.  And napping.  Calls from work?  A clear no-no.

Because I think it will be more fun to learn to take breaks rather than building for a breakdown, I will spend some time today perusing the lovely picture book I bought a couple of years ago to feed my porch lust    --Porch Presence.  Maybe if I build it, at least in my mind, I will come back again, and sooner.

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